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low user

Unlimited Mins and texts - 1gb Data


£3.99 first 6 months 

sim 2

more data

Unlimited Mins and Texts - 20GB of Data


 £9.99 first 6 months

sim 3

big up data

Unlimited Mins and texts - Unlimited Data

£15.00 first 6 months

What Is a SIM-Only Plan?

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SIM-only plans offer customers a monthly tariff of their choosing, providing ultimate flexibility for smartphone users. The only difference between this option compared to a contract is that you don’t receive a new phone alongside it, you only get the SIM. 


You can still select the amount of mobile data, texts and minutes you require per month, just without paying for a new device. This is especially great for those of you who are happy with your current handset but want to reduce monthly costs as your contract draws to an end. 


What Is the Best SIM-Only Deal?

It can be tricky to determine which SIM-only plan is the right one for you. After all, this completely depends on your needs and preferences. 

If your job involves making and receiving calls from nine until five, or you’re just a chatterbox, then you should look for a SIM-only deal that comes with unlimited talk time. 

Alternatively, if you love browsing the web and organising video calls while you’re out and about, opt for a deal with a bulky data allowance. fonehouse can even help you choose a tariff that is cheaper than your existing one but still offers the same (or even better) options.


Can I Change My SIM-Only Plan?

Yes, but only if you are not under contract. This is crucial if you are thinking of transferring to another network provider, so you must check if you are eligible first. 

You may have to pay for the remainder of your existing contract before you can switch, especially if there’s quite a lot of time left on your plan. You could face some additional early exit fees to end your agreement, too, although this will entirely depend on your current provider’s rules and regulations.

If you’re always on the hunt for a new deal and don’t like to be tied down, opt for a one-month SIM-only contract.


How to Activate a SIM Card?

You can easily activate your new SIM online by visiting your network’s website. Usually, the information you require (i.e. the support page) is featured on the card itself, and this will point you in the right direction.

Then, follow the instructions to get your SIM up-and-running. Remember, different devices use different SIM card sizes, so ensure you check this before inserting it into your handset. Most networks will send you a Multi-SIM card, which contains a micro, Nano and standard size SIM all in one.

Some SIMs can take up to 24 hours to get going but this is uncommon, meaning you can expect it to work sooner. If you are swapping networks, you need to make sure your phone is compatible with your new provider. If it’s not, you will have to organise getting your mobile unlocked to access it.


How Much Is a SIM Card?

A SIM card is free from fonehouse; there is no upfront cost for 12-month or 30-day SIM-only plans. However, the amount you pay for your tariff per month will vary in price, as many factors contribute towards this. These include, but are not limited to the network you choose and the usage features you want to utilise (such as data allowance, minutes and texts).


How to Put In/Remove a SIM Card?

To insert or remove a SIM card for a smartphone, you’ll need to use the nifty SIM-eject tool that initially came with your handset. It opens the SIM card tray, so you can pop the new one in or discard it with ease. 

Before you begin, ensure that your mobile is switched off and find the pin-sized hole on your device, as this provides access to the SIM card tray. Once you insert the SIM-eject tool into it and release the slot, you will be able to place the SIM inside it or take out your existing one.

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