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Calling service numbers


Changes to the way 08, 09 and 118 are charged


Telephone numbers starting 08, 09 and 118 are called service numbers. You might use them to call your bank, travel services, Government departments, or even to vote on TV shows.


From 1 July 2015, the regulator Ofcom is changing the way these numbers are charged. These changes are designed to make the cost of calls clearer, and are being communicated through a campaign called UK Calling.


084, 087, 09 and 118


Numbers beginning 084 and 087 are general service numbers for contacting organisations.

Those beginning 09 are 'premium rate' service numbers; while those beginning 118 are directory enquiry numbers.


From 1 July 2015, these calls will be removed from all inclusive packages and the cost of calling these numbers will be split into two parts:

  • The access chargeThis is the cost of connecting your call to our network, charged in pence per minute. We'll be highlighting these new charges nearer to the changeover in July 2015.

  • The service chargeThis is the remainder of the cost of the call. The service charge is decided by the organisation you call, who must communicate it clearly. For example, if the service charge was 20p a minute, the organisation you are calling might say: "Calls cost 20p a minute, plus your phone company's access charge".


By adding together our standard access charge and the service charge, you'll know exactly how much the call will cost.

0800 and 0808 Freephone numbers starting 0800 or 0808, which are generally already free from landlines, will be free to call from mobile phones from 1 July 2015. After that date, it'll be free to call any number starting 0800 or 0808 from your Midlands Telecom Phone Line.


These changes apply to every UK landline and mobile - not just your Midlands Telecom phone line. Visit the UK Calling website to find out more.


How much will your call cost from 1 July 2015?

Use our handy cost checker below to find out how much it’ll cost you to call a premium or non-geographic number from 1 July 2015.


If you’re a Pay monthly or business customer your access charge – the cost of connecting your call to our network – will be displayed on your bill including the service charge from 1 July 2015.


To work out the cost of call please see our example below:



Rachel is a Midlands Telecom customer with an access charge of 49p a minute and wants to call the customer service helpline at her bank.


The bank advertises an 0870 number with the message: “Calls cost 5p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge.” Rachel therefore knows that this call will cost her the bank’s 5p service charge plus Shellcom’s 49p access charge for every minute of her call, which is 54p a minute.

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