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We now offer the most amazing solutions - for the most amazing prices.

You can now act like a big business for small business costs.

The run down:

UK wide Numbers
You can pick whatever numbers you want from any city in the UK, you pay for this number once and it’s yours, no recurring charges per DDI.

International Numbers
We can provide you with numbers from many international cities for a low monthly subscription, once you have your international number calls are delivered to your hosted PBX free of charge.

Keep your Number
Our number porting team will happily port any UK number on to our network. Lead times are 10 to 20 working days.

Access from anywhere
As long as you have an internet connection you can use your hosted service, be that at your office, at your home or in the airport lounge in Kota Kinabalo. You will be able to make a call from your hosted PBX and pay the same as if you were in your office.

Call transfer
Transfer calls between your extensions.

Call hold
Place call on hold.

Call Park
Park a call for retrial from another extension.

3 Way conferencing
Bring another party in to the conversation.

Conference bridge
Save money on your current conferencing solution by bringing it in house. You can use internally or access through a DDI with a custom PIN number.

Free internal calls
Where ever you log on from you will get free internal calls. If you have a user in Paris and a user in Texas they can call each other internally for free.

Multi device user licensing
Have Nebula available wherever you go with mobile soft clients, laptop clients and support for BYOD. You can log on from multiple locations at the same time with no extra cost meaning you can get your calls wherever you are.

Automated Attendant
Get your customers through to the correct department with and Auto attendant. You can record you own custom greetings and make you menus as deep or as shallow as you want with the integrated AA designer.

Intergrated AA designer
Building your automated attendant need not be rocket science, we have made a simple designer which lets you pick the options you want and directed them to where they should go.

Fax 2 email
We all wish faxes where dead but for some they are still a necessity. With fax to email we will collect faxes to a number and email them to your designated email address.

Message waiting indication
Nebula supports message waiting indications to visually let you know when a voicemail is waiting for you.

User voicemail
Never miss an important call with user voicemail. Save up to 10 custom greetings. Collect you voicemail from any registered device or an email address.


Group voicemail
Group voicemail allows you to set up group voicemails for your departments so all users can listen to voicemails. Collect you voicemail from any registered device or an email address.


Voicemail 2 email
All voicemails can deliver to an email of your choosing.


Call forwarding
Forward any number on your PBX to any other number.


Call recording
Enable all your calls to be easily recorded and retrieved as and when you need them.


Pickup groups
You know that phone ringing across the office that you want to pick up? With Pickup groups you can allocate users in to groups who can steal each other’s unanswered calls.


Hunt groups
Always get your customers calls answered by forwarding calls to a group, either simultaneous or sequential ringing with a group voicemail to collect any missed calls.


Time based calling profiles
Set your office, queue or users working times and automatically redirect calls out of these hours to another destination.


Custom CLI presentation
Present a unified image by setting your displayed CLI on a per user basis.


Instant messaging
What do you do when you are already on a call and need to consult a colleague? Nebula supports instant messaging between extensions. (Requires device support)


Call switch
Taken a call on your desk phone but need to nip out the office, with call switch you can switch devices mid conversation.


CDR reports per extension
Call reports help you keep track of where your calls are going and who is making and answering them. Our CDR’s will report to a per extension level.

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